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Ready to buy a home in Niagara?

If you've read our Insider's Guide to Niagara Real Estate, you know the Niagara Region is a wonderful & diverse place to live in and to invest in.



Niagara is our home.

So you can bet that we know all of the region's neighbourhoods intimately. Where to buy, where to invest and where to avoid.


From country homes to waterfront lots, equestrian properties, secondary suites and everything in between.

We can help you make the move to Niagara.




Read our full blog for more on buying, selling and investing in Niagara.

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Find out about the Niagara Region, Who We Are and What We're all about


We're an unbeatable team.


John Paul & Aimee have been working together since 2013.


Niagara is home to us and we work exceptionally hard to provide you with GOOD  & USEFUL information on home ownership and real estate investments in Niagara.

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