A growing town that shows pride in its beautiful sandy beaches, lovely quaint homes and welcoming residents.


Fort Erie has been a popular destination in recent years for both commercial and residential development.  Summer memories are made in Fort Erie.


Some of Fort Erie's most popular neighbourhoods can be found below.


Crescent Park - This is an area of Fort Erie with some of the most unique and spectacular homes in Niagara. Home to Crescent Beach and just a short drive to both the Fort Erie Racetrack and the Bridgewater Country Club, this is a neighbourhood that offers you plenty to do.

Crystal Beach - This community is dotted with gorgeous little cottages, some newly updated and some retaining their original charm. With tourism really flourishing in recent years, Crystal Beach has become a popular choice for AirBnB rentals. The sandy beach, lakefront nightlife and little summer stores make this an attractive option for those wanting to feel like they are on vacation year round.


Ridgeway - This quaint village community is a favorite of mine. Ridegway is definitely a neighbourhood to watch for the near future. The downtown is charming, with most of the stores run and owned by residents. The homes are welcoming, some luxurious and some modest, some unique and some practical. Take a stroll or bike ride down Ridge Road to Prospect Point and marvel at the beautiful homes along this road.


Stevensville - A vibrant countryside, Stevensville is a community that has something for everyone. With multiple conversations, farmland and golf courses one can buy a home that offers wide open spaces and peaceful views. On the other hand one can also find newer subdivisions with modern looking homes - all for affordable prices (for now ones).

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