Pelham may be my favorite municipality in Niagara. I have strolled through many of the tucked away streets, admiring outstanding and secluded country homes. My favorites being along Sulphar Springs Dr.


As a horse rider I am partial to equestrian properties and country homes so perhaps this is why I may have a special place in my heart for this area.

In recent years there has been a lot of development sneaking towards Pelham and its communities from Welland. But we hope the sprawling meadows and rolling hillsides are protected by the Greenbelt Act.  Currently, Pelham is the place to be for country living in Niagara.


Real estate prices are reasonable and large properties offer up many opportunities for building a new home, planting your own fruits and vegetables or simply enjoying the fresh air and wide open spaces.


North Pelham & Effingham - Home to a large section of Short Hills, a unique natural landscape of Carolinian Forests, meandering streams and scenic waterfalls, enjoyed by hikers, bikers and horse riders. If you love nature, peace and quiet, then this is a neighbourhood for you. From large farms to quaint country residences, Effingham is a spectacular place to call home for both families and retirees.


Fonthill - A predominately residential community, the neighborhood of Fonthill offers everything from boutique stores, restaurants and a vibrant variety of orchards. Fonthill can be considered a chichi or trendy part of Pelham where you can find some gorgeous homes. In recent years Fonthill has also become a hub for families and commuters looking to get away from large and loud cities.


Fenwick - Get ready to be wow-ed by some seriously stunning properties. Some parts of Fenwick have been developed but luckily these home builders have managed to build homes on at least an acre to keep in with the country living feel. From mansions to farmstyle bungalows, Fenwick does not disappoint. If you are looking for country living, be sure to explore Fenwick.


Ridgeville - A quaint rural village that lies between Fonthill and Fenwick. Along Canboro road you will be pleasantly surprised to find quaint shops, bakeries and orchards. A must visit in Ridgeville is the lovely Ridge Berry Farm where you can enjoy afternoon tea or a large lunch if you prefer, while you enjoy scenic wide open spaces.

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