A city of lush parks and gardens, thriving businesses and gorgeous lakeside beaches. St.Catharines is home to proud but welcoming communities.

There are many thriving neighbourhoods in St. Catharines. Below you can find most of St. Catharines neighbourhoods organized into the North, South, Central, East and West Ends.

North End St. Catharines:

The North-End of St Catharines is home to a gorgeous section of Lake Ontario, many nature-filled trails, heritage areas and mature tree-lined neighbourhoods.

It is well known that North End St Catharines is one of the best neighbourhoods in Niagara to own a home. Always a short drive to shopping, restaurants, the lake and excellent schools.


This wonderful area of St Catharines also offers an abundance of options for those wanting to live a healthy and happy lifestyle with the many walking and biking trails, boating, kayaking and beaches to enjoy and appreciate nature.

Lakeshore - No matter what street you buy on in this neighbourhood, you will be within walking distance to lovely Lake Ontario. Known for its large homes with large lots and award winning lake front estates. The lakeport neighbourhood is an excellent choice for those looking to retire or buy a family home by the lake.


Port Dalhousie - Ah! Port. A gorgeous little section of St Catharines with some of the most stunning waterfront and heritage homes in the province. Over the last few years home prices have shot up as "Port" has become a much sought after locale to call home. And how could it not be - with the boutique stores, charming pubs, the easy access to the QEW and of course the popular Lakeside Park Beach.


Martindale Pond - This neighbourhood is often included as being part of Port Dalhousie. I don't think it should be, especially when you compare real estate prices to those in Port. It is lovely in its own right, a popular spot for fishermen and kayakers and home to some beautiful residences. Another ideal location for commuters.

Port Weller - This area can be sectioned into two distinct neighbourhoods; East and West - divided by the Welland Canal. A great north end retirement location where house prices are still affordable. Home also to Sunset Beach. There are only a couple of direct roads into Port Weller East which can be cause for delay when ships pass through the Canal and the bridges go up. At the beginning it is relaxing to watch the ships go by but when you are in a rush can be frustrating. For bridge status check https://canalstatus.com/.


Lakeport - Another north-end favourite for families, investors, commuters and retirees. Bordering the Port Dalhousie, Martindale and Lakeshore neighbourhoods. Lakeport is perfectly situated just a short drive to beautiful views, excellent restaurants and superbs walking trails. And still the real estate prices are great!

Grantham - A large family neighbourhood bordering a large section of the historic Welland Canal. Another neighbourhood within driving distance to the lake and waterfront walking trails. Grantham is another great area for families and investors alike.

Carlton/Bunting - This neighbourhood could be included as part of Grantham but for location simplicity let's give it its own section. Also bordering on the Welland Canal, this area has a mix of older home but is also seeing a lot of new-builds. An affordable north-end location for families and investors.


Fairview - A good north-end location with lovely homes and some new-build condominiums. This neighbourhood is close also to the QEW and Downtown St Catharines. Home to the Fairview Mall offering good shopping, grocery stores, the LCBO and also the current bus stop for Go Trasit taking people to Burlington and Niagara Falls.


Facer - A good north-end area with convenient and quick access to the QEW highway. A favorite european settlement neighbourhood. The fun European Festival is held in this area but even more influencing I would say is the St. Joseph's Bakery - a delectable European grocery store and bakery that makes THE MOST DELICIOUS sweet treats!

East End St. Catharines:

The east side of St. Catharines is a hub for activity, community and modernization. And yet, many historic areas and important buildings have kept their old-world charm resulting in an excellent blend of old and new.

With easy access to all necessities, the QEW and the 406 highways, as well as large accommodating homes, this is a family friendly part of St. Catharines.


Merriton - This neighbourhood encompasses many amenities and entertainment activities. Home to the Pen Centre offering you a cinema and tons of great shopping. You can easily find Restaurants, Gyms, Bars and much more! Merriton is also seeing revitalization in many ways from building renovations and new stores to road and infrastructure improvements. With all its excitement and sense of community, Merriton has been aptly named the "the heart of St. Catharines".


Secord Woods - The largest neighbourhood in the East End. Secord Woods is a family and first time home buyers' favorite. Secord Woods offers a range of housing choices, from older homes to new residential developments seen on streets bordering the Welland Canal.


Niagara Gardens - This neighbourhood borders the picturesque community of Glenridge. There is a lot of new housing development happening in this section of the east end. Some streets are less than ideal while others are just fine.

Central St. Catharines:

The Central and Central East section of St Catharines is an area seeing re-gentrification in many neighbourhoods. From the impressive heritage homes (the ones on Yates Street are sure to impress!) to a revitalized downtown.

Downtown - Coming to Niagara in 2011 I can remember the downtown distinctly. I lived on Yates St. and took the bus to Brock for classes. Even then it did not seem as full of life as it is now. Think modern restaurants, farmers markets, craft stores, specialized stores and a new performing Arts Centre. Downtown has pockets of impressive homes but you'll more than likely fine multi-family homes and apartment buildings predominately occupied by students. Many of the century buildings have been converted into multi-family homes and office buildings.


MidTown - This neighbourhood is popular for families, investors and first time home buyers. You are far enough from the Lake to keep housing prices reasonable but far enough from Downtown to enjoy peace & quiet. All while still having easy access to both. The mature tree lined streets, charming homes and quiet streets are ideal for families moving to the area and first time home buyers

Haig - Another neighbourhood that borders on the picturesque Twelve Mile Creek. A mix of affordable housing and expensive character homes, Haig is a neighbourhood with a lot of personality. It feeds into Midtown and is a hot spot for families, investors and first time home buyers.


Queenston - There is no easy way to say this, so I will just give it to you straight. Some streets are fine, some streets have charming century homes, but then there is Queenston St. Avoid this street. Avoid the streets directly off of this street. The closing of The old General Hospital was a bit of a blow to the area and the residents in this area are still waiting (and hoping for) revitalization. Re-gentrification has started but it will take some time to get this area back to glory.


There is no denying that Central St. Catharines is a hub for exciting, forward moving energy. The downtown and midtown neighbourhoods are welcoming to new comers and many streets are undergoing a face-lift.


New businesses, new homes and renovations are happening all over the city all while ensuring the heritage districts remain in keeping with their history.

South End St. Catharines:

The South End of St Catharines is home also to the picturesque 12-mile creek, architecturally historic homes and of course, my alma mater, the welcoming and wonderful Brock University.

Glenridge - Home to Brock University and the busy Pen Centre shopping mall. You can find many student housing options in Glenridge - from homes to apartment buildings. Old Glendridge is home to some of the most prestigious streets and old-world style homes in St Catharines. With escarpment views and the lush Burgoyne Woods Park, Glenridge is truly a marvelous neighbourhood.

West End St. Catharines:

The West End of St. Catharines is a community of farms, vineyards, and recently has been home to a lot of new housing developments. Many residents will tell you they enjoy living on the outskirts of St. Catharines where amenities are easily accessible and schools are very good.

The West End of St. Catharines is a fantastic community for commuters and families. Real Estate prices can be on the higher side here but it is worth it considering the superb lifestyle this area offers.


Grapeview - A lovely neighbourhood bordering the wide open spaces of the Louth area to the west and 12 Mile Creek to the right. There is a mix of home types here - from slightly older to newer townhomes, condominiums and detaches houses. This is a wonderful place to raise a family. Great schools in all directions and easy access to the QEW and 406 highways.

Louth - The largest community in St. Catharines. Home to the new St. Catharines General Hospital. Although most of this community is predominately swaths of agricultural land - growing crops, fruits, vegetables and wine grapes - and country homes, development is creeping up around the hospital. A portion of the Rockway Conservation Area (part of the Niagara Escarpment) is to the western side of the Louth neighbourhood and perfect for enjoying hiking in a rustic setting. If you enjoy wine tastings (or just drinking wine like I do) then you are ideally situated close to west Niagara vineyards.


Western Hill - Heads up this is going to be where the new St. Catharines Go Station is going to be! Get excited about that. Another great spot for students of Brock and also home to the reputable private school: Ridley College. Parts of this neighbourhood offer high-end homes, parts have great family homes but there are also some parts that are not so great.

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