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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Heritage, Culture and Blooming Business Opportunities - Living in Central St. Catharines.

St. Catharines - The Garden City

Welcome to St Catharines.

A city filled with history, a flourishing downtown core with plenty of business opportunity and the most intriguing heritage homes.

The Central and Central East section of St Catharines is an area seeing re-gentrification in many neighbourhoods. From the impressive heritage homes (the ones on Yates Street are sure to impress!) to a revitalized downtown.

Central Neighbourhoods

Downtown - Coming to Niagara in 2011 I can remember the downtown distinctly. I lived on Yates St. and took the bus to Brock for classes. Even then it did not seem as full of life as it is now. Think modern restaurants, farmers markets, craft stores, specialized stores and a new performing Arts Centre. Downtown has pockets of impressive homes but you'll more than likely fine multi-family homes and apartment buildings predominately occupied by students. Many of the century buildings have been converted into multi-family homes and office buildings.

MidTown - This neighbourhood is popular for families, investors and first time home buyers. You are far enough from the Lake to keep housing prices reasonable but far enough from Downtown to enjoy peace & quiet. All while still having easy access to both. The mature tree lined streets, charming homes and quiet streets are ideal for families moving to the area and first time home buyers

Haig - Another neighbourhood that borders on the picturesque Twelve Mile Creek. A mix of affordable housing and expensive character homes, Haig is a neighbourhood with a lot of personality. It feeds into Midtown and is a hot spot for families, investors and first time home buyers.

Queenston - There is no easy way to say this, so I will just give it to you straight. Some streets are fine, some streets have charming century homes, but then there is Queenston St. Avoid this street. Avoid the streets directly off of this street. The closing of The old General Hospital was a bit of a blow to the area and the residents in this area are still waiting (and hoping for) revitalization. Re-gentrification has started but it will take some time to get this area back to glory.

There is no denying that Central St. Catharines is a hub for exciting, forward moving energy. The downtown and midtown neighbourhoods are welcoming to new comers and many streets are undergoing a face-lift.

New businesses, new homes and renovations are happening all over the city all while ensuring the heritage districts remain in keeping with their history.

For More information on St.Catharines, visit the city's website.

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