• Aimee Wesson


With all of the fruits, vegetables and produce made by local Niagara farmers, you can just imagine how fabulous Niagara Farmers Markets can be.

Niagara Farmer's Markets

Spring is a vibrant time of the year.

The colours, the sounds and the longer days - there's always an exciting energy in the air when spring comes around.

Here are some of our favorite Farmers Market in the Niagara Region:

Beamsville Farmers Market

Open: May - October

Location: Serena Drive, Beamsville

Being a town inside the Fruit Basket of Ontario means farmers markets are full of tasty treats at the Beamsville Farmers Markets. Fruits, Honey, Vegetables, Wines, Cinders, unique crafts and artisanal products are all things that can be found at this welcoming farmers market.

Farmers Market at The Village

Open: May - October

Location: Garrison Village Drive, NOTL

A picturesque farmers market in one of the prettiest towns in Canada. As you can imagine the produce on offer here is top-notch. A variety of foods are on offer here - from ready made savory treats and delectable baked goods to fruits and vegetables. The Farmes Market at the Village also offers hand made products, crafts, flowers, wines, ciders, beer and to top it off, a little live music as well.

Grimsby Farmers Market

Open: May - October

Location: Main Street, Grimsby

Fresh produce and friendly locals. Just like many other Niagara Region farmers markets, here in Grimsby you have an abundance of food produce, flowers, wine, ciders, and hand made products. You can also find lovely all natural beauty products being sold here.

Niagara Falls Farmers Market

Open: Year Round

Location: Silvia Place, Niagara Falls

This family friendly farmers market is one of the few open year round. Offering local produce, delicious baked goods, freshly made smoothies, craft trinkets, ciders and much more can be found at this popular Niagara farmers market in Niagara Falls.

Pelham Farmers Market

Open: May to October

Location: Pelham Square, Pelham

A must visit seasonal market set in the quaint neighbourhood of Fonthill. Fresh food and top quality produce is a staple at this farmers market. From the classic local fruits and vegetables to delicate chocolates, freshly ground coffee, wineries, ciders and everything in between - this is a summer favorite.

Port Colborne Farmer's Market

Open: Year Round

Location: Charlotte Street, Port Colborne

This delightful market is another that is open year round, providing Niagara Residents with wonderful fruit, vegetables, meats, and other produce whenever they need it. Head down to this farmers market if you are a fan of sweet honey, maple syrup, chocolates, cheeses an breads.

Smithville Farmer's Market

Open: June -- October

Location: Main Street Courtyard, Smithville

This is perhaps one of the most diverse farmers markets in Niagara. You can probably find everything you need right here - from the good old fruits and vegetables to beautiful furniture, art and clothing. The Smithville Farmers Market is very welcoming and prides itself on having caring and truly local vendor.

Rideway Farmers Market

Open: May - October

Location: Ridgeway Road, Fort Erie

The Ridegway Farmers market is located off of the Friendship Trail. If you enjoy quaint and cozy surroundings with a lot to offer, this is probably your ideal farmers market. You can easily find all of your necessities here - fruits, vegetables, meats, soaps, plants, crafts and more.

St. Catharines Farmer's Market

Open: Year Round

Location: King Street Market Square, St. Cathaines Downtown

I might be biased because I live in St. Catharines, but this might be one of the best Farmers Market! I adore the location and can personally vouch for the awesome produce - meats, vegetables, fresh fruit - that they have on offer. If you are a fan of homemade jams (and let's be honest, who isn't), baked goods and fancy spices, then you must put the St. Catharines Farmers Market on your list for this year.

Welland Farmer's Market

Open: Year Round

Location: Young Street, Welland

This is an absolutely wonderful farmers market where the best of Niagara Region is on offer. Open and operating since 1907, the Welland farmers market has deliciously fresh fruits vegetables, meats, cheeses and artisanal baked goods.