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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

A town that needs no introductions, world-class wineries, heritage districts and expensive homes - Living in NOTL.

Niagara On The Lake - "The Loveliest Town In Canada"

Welcome to Niagara On The Lake.

A town of historic old-world charm, vineyards and some of the most extraordinary buildings and homes in the entire country.

A small town, NOTL is within the Greenbelt and situated on the Niagara Peninsula where Lake Ontario to the north meets the Niagara River to the east. This town offers a unique lifestyle of luxury, entertainment and relaxation. Each neighbourhood has its own character and attractions that together make for a beautiful place to call home. It is easy to see why NOTL has been dubbed " The Loveliest Town in Canada"

Let's explore NOTL neighbourhoods:

Old Town - Home to beautiful colonial-style buildings, boutique hotels and stores, restaurants, quaint bed & breakfasts, historic sites and luxury homes. This is entertainment central and where many tourists flock from spring to fall. The Shaw Festival is here, as are many noteworthy buildings - The Prince of Wales Hotel, Angel Inn, St. Mark's Anglican Church and St. Vincent de Paul Church to name a just few - and historic sites like Fort George and the Niagara On The Lake Golf Club. Every home off of Queen Street has character and reminds you of a thrilling era gone by.

Queenston - An iconically picturesque part of NOTL, this neighbourhood lies along the Niagara River. Here you find a range of large homes on large lots, in styles ranging from historic to modern - but in keeping with the colonial, victorian and stone styles. If you are a lover of art and histroy, The Riverbrink Art Museum as well as the Queenston Heights Park are both a must see.

St. Davids - Located at the base of the Niagara Escarpment, St. Davids is surrounded by wide open green spaces where you can find some excellent wineries like Ravine and Château de Charmes. The charming setting of St. Davids, as you can imagine, is where you can find some absolutely stunning traditional Bed & Breakfasts. Woodbourne Inn for example is a home built in 1839. St Davids although home to some older houses has seen quite a bit of residential development over the years to include townhomes, semis and detached homes.

Virgil - Country Home central! Virgil and the surrounding rural area is a hub for wineries, farms and orchards. In the surrounding rural areas, homes range from colonial-style estates to large farmhouse bungalows. Within the town of Virgil itself you are likely to find subdivisions around 15-30 years old.

Glendale - This neighbourhood is on the outskirts of Niagara On The Lake towards the St. Catharines side. A lot of development, both residential and commercial has been projected to happen here over the next few years as the need for urban sprawl continues in Ontario. Over the last year most of the homes sold here were new builds although some of the builders aimed to keep the home aesthetics in keeping with Niagara On The Lake classic styles.

Niagara On The Lake neighbourhoods exude opulance, history and romance. A countryside dappled with world-class wineries and restaurants, award winning homes and buildings that take you back in time - it is no wonder tourists flock to this area every year and it is a favorite destination for weddings.

Naturally, real estate prices are on the higher end here, Niagara On The Lake is an exclusive but inviting community.

For more information on Niagara On The Lake, please visit the town's website.

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