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Updated: Jul 29, 2019

10 Ideal Niagara Communities for Country & Rural Living.

A Lovely Country Home - Move To The Country In Niagara

If you are looking for country living in Niagara then we are sure that one of these communities on the list will meet your fancy.

To get your bearings, have a look at the map below showing rural and agricultural land across the Niagara Region.

Country & Rural Areas of the Niagara Region

Beamsville - Lincoln

If you are looking to live the country life, but still want the security of being close to town, this is an excellent option for you.

Once you are on the immediate outskirts of the downtown area, you will find a truly gorgeous countryside setting. Being at the heart of the "Fruit Basket of Ontario", you can imagine this community is nestled among picturesque orchards, vineyards and fruit farms.

Within the rural areas of this gorgeous community, you can find quite a variety of country property styles. From charming all-brick character homes, large estates to modest ranch-style farmhouses and everything in between.

There is much to love about country living in Beamsville.

Chippawa, Niagara Falls

As you get beyond Weinbenner Road you will find yourself getting into the countryside of Chippawa. This community is the serene spot away from the loud energy of Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls.

The main area of Chippawa is small and quaint with close knit brick buildings and boutique stores.

Our most recent country home search showed that newer homes built on large lots and acreages are the prevalent property styles found here.

Another small village filled with history and culture, the pristine countryside is everything you need to relax and unwind.

Effingham - Pelham

I know I've said this before but I truly adore the Pelham area. Most rural communities in Pelham would make for ideal country living.

Effingham is the most northern part of Pelham and encompasses a portion of both the scenic ShortHills and Saint John's Conservation area.

Almost daily I drive along Effingham Street and get to marvel at the private estates and modest country homes tucked away on treed lots. Any road you take off of this road is sure to impress with charming properties and country retreats.

Effingham is also a horsey community. If you decide to explore Effingham you will find picturesque paddocks and little barns along many roads in this community.

You won't feel secluded living in the Effingham countryside but you are sure to experience a chic country lifestyle. Fonthill would be your closest community for shopping, restaurants and other amenities.

Grimsby Escarpment, Grimsby

Perhaps currently the most sought after area in the Niagara Region. Known locally as the Grimsby Mountain, this community sits atop the wonderful Niagara Escarpment.

Located within the GreenBelt, this is a community surrounded by beauty and natural landscapes. Ideal for those of you that enjoy an active lifestyle as the Bruce Trail winds along the north side of Ridge Road.

You can find a range of home styles here. Century homes, sprawling bungalows, grand and private estates, private farms and quaint country style homes set on large lots.

There aren't many properties currently listed, making this a truly exclusive spot for country living.

Jordan, Lincoln

A quaint and cozy community bordered between Beamsville to the west and the Louth area of St.Catharines to the east. As such, Jordan is surrounded by beautiful farms, orchards and country homes.

At the village core you will find a voguish setting; boutique stores, art gallerias and excellent restaurants.

If you are just visiting, be sure to check out the cozy and chic accommodations on offer in Jordan.

Although there are many beautiful country homes, few come up for sale. Making this another exclusive countryside community in Niagara.

Louth, St Catharines

The Louth neighbourhood of St. Catharines is home to prime agricultural land that lies within the Greenbelt.

In addition to the swaths of farmland, the Louth area is home to the gorgeous Rockway Conservation Area and a small portion of ShortHills that is home to the Scouts Camp.

You can find bungalows set back on private, over-sized lots, country homes on little orchards and vineyards, farmhouses, century homes and more.

If you are looking for that country feeling, but like the ease of access to the city, this might area may be the place to live out your country living dreams.

Ridgewood, Fort Erie

Ridgewood is located between Stevensville and the cozy neighbourhood of Ridgeway. It is often lumped in with the Ridgeway community which is just a short drive away.

Ridgewood is an ideal community for those that want a taste of country living but still like to feel close to civilization.

Ridge Road North and Nigh Road are among our favourites for finding delightful country homes. You can expect to see homes both old and new set on properties that range from over-sized lots to a few private acres. Often times these country homes sit on treed or forested lots.

Saint David’s, Niagara On The Lake

Many of the communities in Niagara On The Lake are seeing a creeping up of residential development in the core areas. It is unfortunate but a reality facing many areas in Ontario.

And Saint David's is no exception.

But along the outskirts of this historic community, you can find some of the best rural living in the region.

You might be lucky enough to get your hands on a heritage home but if not there are plenty of country properties to choose from. Quintessential bed and breakfasts, endearing country retreats and stylish estates are just a few types of homes you can expect to see.

With historic reverence, a rich culture and just a stone throws away from renowned wineries, St David's is an ideal community to enjoy country living.


Waintfleet is unique in that it is home to both large stretches of agricultural land and, to the south, lovely lake beaches.

If you truly want to live the rural lifestyle, where you aren't too close to your neighbours and the nearest grocery store is in the next town over then Wainfleet might be the spot for you.

Waintfleet is not connected to municipal sewer or water services - developed properties typically have a septic systems and private well or cistern. You can read more about country living on the Waintfleet website here.

In terms of housing, you can find newer homes as well as older farmhouses.

If you are ready for a life of quiet contemplation and peaceful surroundings - and understand the hard work that can come with living in a rural community - then Wainfleet might be just the place for you.

Wellandport, West Lincoln

A quiet, family community lain across the banks of the Welland River. With many meandering streams linking up with the river and the sprawls of agricultural land, Wellandport is in a lovely rural setting.

Chippawa Creek Conservation Area is on offer for families and friends who enjoy camping, swimming and fishing.

In Wellandport you can find a variety of farms, from Crop Farms and Flower Farms to Equestrian Properties. As for homes, well you are likely to find everything from old century homes to newer homes built on gorgeous, private properties.

The allure of tranquility and the freedom that comes with more space is understood by many but experienced by few.

Buying a home in the country is a special investment. It gives you the chance to own or create your piece of paradise ... but at times it can be tough work. It may mean you get to start the vegetable garden you've been dreaming of, but it can also mean spending more time on your commute to work. There are many things to consider before making the decision to live in the country and we're here to help.

If you are looking for a country home, hobby farm or small equestrian property in Niagara you should contact us. We specialize in these types of rural real estate properties and would be excited to help you find the ideal country home for you and your family.

Do you have a favourite country living community that didn't make the list? Please leave it in the comments below, we'd love to hear about it.


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